Classes are available!

It’s finally here!!! The time has come for the “RAW FOOD BASICS” class at VITA. We want to thank everyone for waiting so patiently for us to finish writing the class. We wanted to make sure we covered all the basics and that it would be a worthwhile experience. This will be a daylong class filled with lots of information and hands on experience to help you embark on a raw food lifestyle. This is not a demo class. It is hands on and one on one in Vita's certified kitchen. Class size is limited to 4 so there will be sufficient attention paid to everyone’s questions and needs. We will start the day going over the class binder with question and answer time. Then we will move on into the kitchen and jump right in to making and tasting recipes. We will break for lunch (which you have prepared) and review time. We will round out the day with more recipes and close with dinner (which you prepared.) and discussion. 

The benefits of taking this class:

  • A working knowledge of why raw food is essential to a healthy lifestyle
  • Actual, physical preparation of food
  • Training in food handling, knife skills and equipment usage
  • Instruction in general spice usage
  • Learning the art of culinary flavor balancing
  • Common pitfalls to avoid
  • Importance of food combining
  • How to achieve a satisfying cooked flavor
  • The importance of plating and garnishing in the presentation of food


We personally guarantee you that we will share with you all we have learned from our experiences in the preparation of raw food. This includes our recipes, which we have perfected through the years. You will also receive a 70+ page instruction manual (individually sleeved pages with extra sleeves for your own recipes, notes and articles of interest) which we have put together using our own words and excerpts from leading experts in the field. This book can be the basis for your ongoing education and experimentation.


The cost of this 8-hour class (approx.) is $325. As classes are no larger than 4 participants, I encourage you to sign up as soon as possible. All classes must be paid for in advance. 

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